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 Based In Giffnock, Glasgow, VSSG ( Vehicle Security Systems Glasgow )
Supply And Fit Most Of The Most Modern And Reliable Car/ Van alarms And Security Systems Available.

With Fully Guaranteed Insurance Approved (Thatcham ) Vehicle Security Installations At Your Home Or Your Workplace -
And Warranty / Service At The Original Installation Address,
We Aim To Provide You With A Level Of Excellence And Convenience That Is Second To None In The Vehicle Security Installation And Service Sector

Please Scroll down this Page To Find Out More About The Car Alarms, Van Alarms,
Tracking And Security Systems We Supply And Fit Across Glasgow And Surrounding Areas.

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Keep Your Car / Van
From Becoming A Shopping Spree For Thieves  


Even With Added Locks As In Picture Above!!!
New 'peel and steal' craze sees thieves Taking tools worth thousands
in seconds.
As In Picture Below!
We can now install in conjunction with an alarm system,
sensors at the top of van doors that will sense the
peeling back of Van doors, Even if its just a couple of centimetres!!

Unless dead locks / slam locks Locks Are Fitted Both Top AND Centre Of Van Doors
This Is What Can happen.
Locks Are Good But Bare In Mind They Can Void The Vehicle
Anti Corrosion Warranty.
Also Rust And stains
Can appear Very Quickly!
Anti Peel Back sensors DONT Cause Rust And DO NOT Void

The Vehicle Warranty.

Alarm Or Locks? Which Ever You Decide Act Quickly

As Van Crime Is Rife Over Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife And Lothians.

Call 0800 1223156 Or 07894500229 For A Quotation For Your Vehicle.

damage to doors                        peel Back van doors

Without The Threat Of An alarm Sounding Thieves Can Do A lot Of Damage
In An Attempt To Force Locks.
Also As In The Picture On The Above Right Without Locks Fitted At
Centre And Top Of The Doors The Van Can Still Be Emptied Of Valuable Tools.


Of Course The Perfect Van Security Would Include An Alarm And Decent Locks,
But This Can Be Costly.
Here Are Some Advantages Of An Alarm Over Locks, Ultimately The Decision Is Yours,
But Either Way Don't Leave It To Late, Act First!
Fit Some Additional Security On Your Van Before Its Too Late!

An Alarm also covers window breakage, which in the case of for example a Ford Transit owner
can be the difference of keeping the vehicle and Its Contents All Together!
As Even With Aftermarket High Security Door Locks
A Theif Only Needs To Smash The Drivers Window,
Lean In And Plug A Clever Piece Of Hardware Into The OBD Socket,
Clone A Key, And Away Your Tools / Equipment And Van Goes In Seconds!
If An Alarm Is Fitted The Alarm Triggers If They Smash The Window,
And Continues To Sound, As well As Covering Entry Through Windows,
Higher End Alarms Can Immobilise The OBD Socket Rendering It Useless!


Locks Can Cause Nasty Corrosion And Void Perforation Warranties!

With "Peel Back Craze" Locks Need To Be Installed At The Tops Of The Doors To Be Effective.

Alarms Dont Void Warranties, And Can Detect Peel Back As Little As 2cm!


Higher End Alarms Can Alert You By Text Message If Your Alarm Triggers.


Unlike Locks, Alarms Can Be Transferred From Van To Van,
So Once You've Paid The Initial Outlay On A Good Alarm / Security System,
You Can Keep It For As Long As You Like.

Alarms Can Reduce Your Insurance Premium.Listed Above Are Just Some Advantages
Of Alarms Over Locks, But The Decision Is Yours.


Why Not Give Us a call Now For A fully Installed Van Alarm system for Your vehicle.

For Your Maximum Convenience We Provide A Fully Guaranteed On- Site

Installation Service.

               Gone In 4 Seconds, Did you know most cars and vans today are still not alarmed,
even most new cars / vans only have immobilisers fitted as standard.
A modern Day Car thieve can break a car window making Almost No sound with the correct tools.
Why Make It Easy? A Car Or Van Alarm Is Usually A good Enough Deterant to make them Think Twice
- lets face it they don't want to be caught.

Fact - a Thieve will always take the easy option

i.e the car or van with no Alarm.

A new breed of criminal is lurking the streets.
Thieves are targeting unsuspecting motorists AND their vehicles.
Purses, laptops, Sat-Navs Tools and other valuables, are the main targets.

These thieves are not just after your valuables,
but are also after your identity.

Protect yourself.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep your car windows closed at all times.
  • Never leave your keys in your car.
  • Never leave valuables in plain view.
  • Secure your car and valuables before reaching your destination.
  • Lock your doors every time you enter or exit your vehicle always turn your alarm on.
  • Always report crimes and or suspicious activity to your local Police Station.

 To Book A Convenient Car / Van Alarm Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Or For Advice
On The Correct Car Alarm / Tracking System For Your Vehicle Please Call  0330 6600 489.

calls cost no more than calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.


Be Aware - Did You Know? Reputable Car Security Dealers DO NOT AND CANNOT SELL THATCHAM
All Thatcham Approved Alarms And Immobilisers
Must Be Supplied AND Installed By The Official Alarm Dealers To Retain Their Insurance Approval  Status And Even
The Product Warranty!  IN SHORT -  If the company suppling Your Thatcham approved Alarm Does Not Also Fit
The Alarm system -
Then Watch Out! - Your Alarm Installation Will  Not be Recognised As a Thatcham Approved
Installation, Even If You Have A certificate "Out The Box" - Therefore Wasting Your Money And Time, IMPORTANTLY
- The Alarm Warranty Will ALSO Be NULL AND VOID As The Company Suppling The Alarm Will Not Warranty An
Installation Carried Out Elsewhere -
- SO PLEASE BE AWARE - And Keep yourself right When It Comes
To Your Hard Earned Cash And Of Course Your Insurance Policy Itself.

Please take some Time To Look Over The Catagory 1 Thatcham Car Alarms Below.
We have Included Some Entry Level Alarm Systems Through To The Most Advanced Reliable Car Alarm Systems
Available On The Market To-day.
But Which Ever You Choose - Remember any system is only As Good As The Installation Itself,
So Why Go To An Audio Installer For A security Installation?
Both Types Of Installation Are Completely Different And Require Different Skills.
Remember We Are Glasgows Car Alarms And Security Installation Experts!




Sigma S30 Thatcham Cat 1  Car Alarm System Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Basic Thatcham Category 1 alarm/immobiliser system, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection only.
  • Supplied with 2 x single button radio keys, self powered siren, keypad and status LED
  • Dual immobilisation circuits
  • Key theft protection facility, interior lamp illumination, (separate module required)
  • programming and diagnostic via CP3 workshop programmer

Security Features

  • 2 x single button radio keys
  • Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet (negative input)
  • Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
  • Ignition detection circuit
  • Ultrasonic interior protection can be turned off when leaving pets inside the vehicle
  • ( note this function is not available with the standard
  • single button remotes supplied)
  • 2 x circuit, passively setting, immobilisation (18 amp continuous )
  • Manual arm, using the radio key, auto arm, which automatically arms the system 60 seconds after the last door is shut.
  • Auto re arm - if a door is not opened within 60 seconds of disarming the system -
  • adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto re-arm also re-locks the vehicle
  • Last trigger identification via the dashboard LED and a record of the elapsed time
  • since the last trigger, can be recalled using a CP3 workshop programmer
  • Additional plug in single stage sensor socket ( optional accessories)
  • Additional plug in dual stage sensor socket and siren pre-warn facility ( optional accessories) 

Convenience Features

  • Armed output (negative 200mA max )      
  • The sensors are excludable using the keypad, ignition or remotely with the optional two button radio key)

Personal Safety Features

  • Auto lock can be programmed to lock the vehicle at the start of a journey when the ignition is turned on,
  • and then unlock when the ignition is turned off.
  • This can be excluded on individual occasions
  • Panic feature switched using the radio key or an optional internal button


Cat 2-1 Modular Thatcham Approved Car Alarm G198
Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.



  • Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgrade Car Alarm with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.
  • Mini Modular Design
  • 1 Programmable Output
  • 5 Wire Central Door Locking
  • Intelligent Ultrasonics with square plastic brackets
  • New Remote Control Colour (Max 4)
  • Cobra BUS (Only for kits with BBS)
  • Wire Cutting Protection
  • Optional Touch Key & ADR Card
  • Panic Facility.                                  

To Book A Convenient car / Van Alarm Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Or For Advice

On The Correct Car Alarm System For Your Vehicle Please Call   0330 6600 489.
calls cost no more than  calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also  Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.

 Thatcham Approved Cat 1  car  alarms  fitted Glasgow, Scotland.
Toad AI 606 t2 Thatcham approved car alarm and immobiliser.


-What to expect -
By todays standards the Toad ai606 is a low spec alarm system,

but lets face it, at
around a 16 year old design
it cannot be expected to give the functions and features of a modern car alarm system
and as with any other product you get what you pay for.
And for those on a restricted budget
and not expecting anything special it does the job.

Pager/Accessories output
Intelligent re-arm / passive arm
Indicator flash
2 circuit immobilisation

Ultrasonic interior protection.
Thatcham Cat 1 car Alarms Fitted Glasgow, Scotland

 VIPER 480 xv Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarm.

with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.


Product Features 

  • 5-Channel Security System
  • 3-Point Immobilisation
  • Includes One 2-Way Transmitter + One 4-button 1-Way Transmitter NEW STYLE
  • Remotely Adjustable Ultrasonic Sensors
  • ESP2 Battery Back-Up Siren
  • Dual Multiplex input for additional Dual Zone sensors with warn away
  • Doors, Bonnet and Boot Protection
  • Indicator Light Flash
  • Remote Central Locking
  • 19 Icon Display Remote
  • Multi Car Control
  • Comfort Closure
  • Sensor Bypass Facility
  • Ultra-bright Blue LED
  • PIN Override and Valet Mode
  • Passive Arming
  • Bitwriter Programmable
  •     Car Security Industry Leaders.

Autowatch 457 Rli

Thatcham Category 1457Rli/T
Remote Ultrasonic Car Alarm/Immobiliser System (457-004) Fitted Glasgow, Scotland.



Approval no. TC2 906/0198 with On Site Installation Across  Glasgow And Much Of Strathclyde.

This System Represents The Next Generation
In The THATCHAM Car Alarm/Immobiliser Systems Catagory 1 Standard.

Factory Fitted In South Africa By Both Ford And Volkswagon,
Plus Peugeot, Renault And Mitsubishi In Israel !
The Autowatch 457 RLI/T Cat 1, Is THE Professional's Cat 1.

Product Summary
Truly Unequaled Featurs And Functions List.
Encrypted High Quality Remote Control, 4 Button, With Built In
Battery Level Indicator.

Secure Pin Code Override, If The Alarms Remote Is Lost Or Damaged, You're
Not Left Stranded! The Autowatch 457 Rli
Has A high security emergency P.I.N. override Procedure via ign switch,
Entry Alert , With Memory Report Back.

Built In Car Locator ( For Example, If you've ever lost your car in a car park at
night, just press the "car locator" button on your AUTOWATCH remote,
the cars hazzard's will light up and will stay constantly
On (won't flash will stay bright on) creating a Bright band of light around your car.)

INTRUSION DETECTION Perimeter (Door, Window, Sunroof, Boot & Bonnet)

Early Warning Sensor input.
Digital Ultrasonic Movement Sensors (Self Adjusting Digital Smart Ultraonic Movement
Sensors Can be Switched Off from The Remote When Leaving Pets In Vehicle. )

Super High Intensity Bright Blue LASER Status L.E.D
Microwave Movement Sensor (option)

Full Central locking output
Boot release ( cost option )
Window Closure facility (cost Option )
Turbo Timer output Cost Option ( 60 seconds )

Audible Or Silent Arm / Disarm Facility (Selectable From Remote Control)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention

Alarm trigger Diagnostics
Rapid-test mode for installer

Courtesy light illumination On Disarm and
Ignition Off. (vehicle dependant)
On-board Heavy Duty dual Circuit Immobilisation.
Self-arming Immobiliser.

Battery back-up siren With Data Link
Auto Re-arm Alarm ( selectable )
Auto -arming Alarm (selectable )
Lock/Unlock with ignition (selectable )
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
Ignition Anti-Hotwire Feature

Key Guard Anti-key Theft Anti Hi-Jack Facility ( Cost option,
When "Key Guard" Is Installed, Even If A Thief Has Your Car Keys
And Autowatch Remote Control, Your vehicle will Be Impossible To Start! Similary If You Are Hi-Jacked,
When The Vehicle Engine Is Switched Off It Will Then Be Impossible To Re-Start)
Indicator / Park-light Flashing

Door Open audible warning
Anti-tamper Security Housuing

Remote Panic Alarm Facility

Built In Wireless Sensor Capability e.g.
Install A Wireless Sensor In Your Garage,
If A Thief Enters, Your Autowatch 457 car alarm Will Sound
Even If Your Car Is Parked On The Street !

Built In Output for Gps/GSM Tracking And Paging Devices.
      Thatcham And Insurance Approved Car Alarms Fitted Scotland.            



  Authorised Dealers.                                     

Hornet 750  t With Fully Guaranteed Mobile Installations Across Glasgow, Scotland.
Very Similar to the Toad ai606 but slightly more modern and giving
a few more functions and features as Standard.

Manufactured  By The Same Company As Clifford car alarms And Viper Car alarms, This Is Directed Electronics Entry
Level alarm is Thatcham approved for Cars and Vans and meets all insurance requirements.
The alarm system gives you ultimate peace of mind by covering all points of entry into your Vehicle, The Hornet Can Be Said To Be A direct copy
Of The Toad ai606, bringing that designe up to date.

* The Alarm system will cover your bonnet,
front doors and rear cab doors If  Fitted With Factory courtesy light switches.
If you require additiona doors / l lockers to be covered through the alarm system An Additional Wireless Interface And Sensors Are Required.

  • Thatcham Evaluated Category 1
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • On-board Dual-Circuit Immobilisation
  • Battery Back-up Siren with data link
  • Bonnet and Front Door protection
  • On-board Ultrasonic Sensing - This alarm gives you the option to disable the Internal Sensors if 
  • leaving  pets inside but Require external protection
  • Red LED System Status Indicator
  • Valet/Service Mode 4-digit PIN
  • Central Door Locking Contro l(cost option)
  • On-board Door Locking Relays
  • 3 Aux Channels
  • MUX Input
  • Trigger Zone Identification
  • Hazard Flash on Arm/Disarm(vehicle Dependent)
  • Arm/Disarm Chirps On/Off Option
  • 2 x Four Button Remotes.



Insurance Approved Tracking, Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Supplied And fitted Throughout Scotland

Insurance Approved Tracking Solutions. ( scroll to the bottom of this page for non Thatcham subscription free Tracking )


            Autowatch Track And Trace 1, Fully Thatcham Approved ATT1 System.

                                                         THATCHAM APPROVAL NUMBER  TQA 214

                                                                     High Quality Insurance approved Tracker for cars vans and motorhomes.

The Autowatch Thatcham Approved ATT1 system has the latest in GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking technology.

The control module in the vehicle can be remotely re-programmed from the control centre via the GPRS network.

This allows the system to be upgraded without having to access the

control module on the Car. The features offered are as follows:


Thatcham TQA Insurance approval for Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

Insurance discounts offered by most Insurance companies.

Standard subscription of £150pa.
Username and password allows limited 12hr positioning of the vehicle location on your own PC or mobile phone.

Subscription can be upgraded to have continuous live tracking and unlimited access to

historic trips made.Then gives location, speed, time of day and time taken per trip including total distance travelled.

24/7 365 days a year monitoring via a control centre.

Optional Geofence violation notification via email.

Optional overspeed notification via email.

Optional Low car battery notification.

Optional Movement sensor alert.

Optional link to your car alarm trigger.

Optional hidden emergency/panic button .

Optional Car battery disconnection notification .

Control module has a rechargeable battery back up battery .

Detailed mapping and high accuracy over UK, Ireland and Europe .

Can be transferred to a new owner when the car is sold on .

Small compact covert black box . The unit is hidden inside the car, Van, motorhome or Plant machinery to thwart easy detection by a thief

Best reliability with a 3 Year warranty.


                                                                       Scorpion Discover.

                   Thatcham Approved Vehicle Tracking System.

Scorpion DISCOVER is a TQA easy to use SVT system that will track your vehicle if reported as stolen. 

It utilises satellite tracking, GSM and on-board vehicle technologies to continuously monitor your vehicle for movement whilst parked.

In the event of an alarm an automatic SMS message alert is sent to your mobile phone.

Should your vehicle be stolen, close communication with the police ensures your vehicle can be tracked anywhere in the UK.                                       

Scorpion DISCOVER is an advanced TQA SVT system that provides the following important features:

  • Thatcham-approved TQA accreditation recognised by all main UK insurers
  • Police approved stolen vehicle tracking and recovery procedure operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Comprehensive customer services via the Auto-txt Customer Service Centre (CSC)
  • Tamper alerts if the vehicle or system is moved without the ignition on

Scorpion DISCOVER: How it works

Scorpion DISCOVER is an advanced, vehicle security system (accredited to the Thatcham TQA Standard) comprising:

  • Continuous monitoring of your vehicle ( car, van, plant and farm machinery, motorhome etc.) for unauthorised movements.
  • System tamper alarms detect any attempts to disable the system by disconnecting the battery, wires or antennae 
  • Tremble sensor to detect illegal movements of your vehicle when the ignition is off.
  • Police approved stolen vehicle tracking and recovery procedure operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
  • Accreditation to the Thatcham TQA standard which is recognised by all main UK insurers
  • Comprehensive customer services provided by the Autotxt Customer Service Centre
To Book A Convenient Car / Van Alarm Or Tracking Installation At Your Home Or Workplace Or For Advice
On The Correct Car/van/ motorhome Alarm / Tracking System For Your Vehicle Please Call  0330 6600 489.

calls cost no more than calling Numbers Starting 0141 Or 02 Even Using A Mobile,
They Are Also Included As Part Of Inclusive Call Minutes.


Deposit Amount

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High Quality Insurance approved Tracker / Tracking systems for cars vans and motorhomes.

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